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balentine front cover 2
The Singing Teacher: How the Worship Leader Shapes the Theology of the Church by Zeb Balentine

Do you, as a worship leader, choir member, or musician in a music ministry ever feel like your ministry is over as soon as the service is dismissed? Do you ever feel like you are stuck in a routine and you aren’t having a significant or lasting impact on those you lead each and every week? Most people involved in worship ministry have felt like this at one time or another. The Singing Teacher seeks to help worship leaders discover how their ministry of song is used by God to shape and mold the hearts and minds of worshipers which will stay with them for a lifetime.

whites cover final front
A Grateful Man by Dayton E. Whites, M.D.

“Our friend has always described himself as a ‘country doctor,” and if that describes a caring physician who has a sincere concern for his patients, then I agree with this title.” – Kay Grafe, author of Oh My Gosh, Virginia

Dayton Whites has mended bones, delivered babies, tended to the sick and lonely, and seen just about everthing a man can see who has committed himself to the heath and well-being of the families of a rural Mississippi community. Along with his wife Susanne and his family, Dr. Whites has walked alongside the people of Lucedale, Mississippi for decades, helping not only the people, but the city itself, to be healthy and happy.

These pages tell the stories that few people before now have known. They show the triumph and the heartache, the struggles, the laughter, and the satisfaction of life in a country town, through the eyes of its beloved hometown doctor.

As Today in Mississippi recently observed, “every small town needs a Dr. Whites.”

middleton cover
The Treasured King by Jeff Middleton

God’s love for us and desire for us to know Him and to treasure Him only is paramount throughout scripture. God’s Word shares that “David is a man after God’s own heart.” David’s heart is revealed to us in the Bible and is most evident in the Psalms, where David shares his heart’s cry and desire to glorify his Heavenly Father. David also prophetically praises the coming Messiah, the Treasured King.

Like all of us, David was imperfect, yet he demonstrated a desire and commitment to fulfill God’s will throughout his life. David left us an example of passionate devotion and humble repentance. His journey of grace, restoration and hope still rings true for us today. As we study God’s Word, may we also see that God is after our hearts as well.

Be that man or woman after God’s own heart!  Experience that same passion for God as David did. Take this journey through the life of David.  Allow it to penetrate your heart. Reflect on the questions at the end of each chapter and allow God, through His Holy Spirit, to speak to you and draw you closer to Christ Jesus, “The Treasured King”.

Healing Through Hope by Dee Dee Graham

Dee Dee Graham began having epileptic seizures when she was five years old, and from that moment, her life was different from those around her. Tests, specialists, and medications became the order of the day for her, and as she grew, she watched her friends  enjoy the life that she couldn’t have, such as driving licenses and full days of school uninterrupted by seizures, and jobs where you wouldn’t be fired for having another seizure. Doctors tried it all, including telling her it was all in her mind, but as she cried out to the Great Physician, His news was the best of all:

“Then the Lord said to me, ‘Write my answer plainly on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others. This vision is for a future time. It describes the end, and it will be fulfilled. If it seems slow in coming, wait patiently, for it will surely take place. It will not be delayed.’”

That passage from the Bible in Habakkuk chapter two became Dee Dee’s foundation on which to stand. In her story, you will find what she found—that through God’s faithfulness to His own promises, He alone can bring us healing through hope.

51tN0IhFqhL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_To Walk A Country Mile by Ouida Tanner Sides

Dr. Jim Tanner was only two years into his family medical practice in the small town of Leakesville, Mississippi, when his life was changed forever. On May 24, 1961, at the young age of 30, he became a paraplegic, the result of an automobile accident.

Would he ever walk again? Would he be able to continue practicing medicine from a wheelchair? Could he support his wife and three children?

Read his encouraging story of how God touched his life and turned his despair and depression into joy and fruitfulness. Dr. Tanner became a specialist in the field of Physical M

edical Rehabilitation and worked with the Veteran’s Administration for 30 years.

Jim and his wife, the former Ouida Trigg of Waynesboro, Mississippi, were married over 52 years, 42 of which he was in a  wheelchair.

Jackson Frnt Cvr FINALThe Joshua Mandate by Al Jackson

The 52 Scripture memory verses that compose The Joshua Mandate were initially written as an encouragement to Al Jackson’s local church family to join him in the spiritual discipline of Scripture memory. The Joshua Mandate is found in Joshua 1:8 where we read, “Do not let this Book of the Law depart from your mouth; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful.” This small volume of brief chapters of exposition drawn from 52 verses of God’s Word is designed to encourage God’s people to commit to memory one verse each week for an entire year. It is a spiritual journey which will richly reward all who love the Lord Jesus and who desire to be conformed into his likeness.

615dZLAbh5LLaurie and Me: A Spiritual Journey Through Grief  by Marilyn Raymer

Is there life after the death of a child? Is it possible to heal after that? This book is Marilyn’s story, her tale of how she was able to move on and live a fulfilled and productive life. Telling the story is part of the healing process, and she has needed to tell it many times. One of those times was the impetus for this book. It is also the story of her personal spiritual journey, sharing how it slowly drew her closer to God. Every story is different. It is her hope that her story will help someone else on their own path to healing.


Harvill FrontCover_FINAL_JPGTo Jesus We Sing: A Concise History of Christian Worship by Jamie Harvill

Have you ever asked: Why do we do what we do in today’s evangelical worship services? Why is it so important?
To Jesus We Sing was inspired after observing worship leaders who lacked a basic understanding of Christian worship from an historical perspective—who are unaware of why and how certain worship traditions began, survived, and even perished over the centuries. Worship leader, songwriter and author, Jamie Harvill, has compiled a concise, easy-to-read study of Christian worship history, from Creation to the 21st century Millennial generation. There are questions for each period of history at the end of the book, designed for personal use, small groups or for academic purposes.

NuggetsGolden Nuggets From The Streams Of Life by Herb Dean

Does God still speak today? Does He intimately involve Himself in the affairs of our lives? If we truly believe that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose, we find God in everything that happens in our lives. In the daily walk of our lives God is revealing Himself to us in creative ways. Many of life’s experiences become tools which teach us about God’s character, His ways, and His love for us. This book is a compilation of real life experiences where God revealed Himself to this author. You will find these stories to be encouraging, convicting, and spiritually challenging. Great teaching and preaching is important in our spiritual development, but encountering God in a personal situation can have a greater impact on our lives than many sermons. Personal experience becomes part of our life message and carries the most weight in sharing with others. Herb Dean has found that some of God’s choicest nuggets are to be found in the streams of our lives.

HerbDean1frntCoverA Baptist Finds the Baptism in the Holy Spirit by Herb Dean

Have you come to the place in your Christian walk where you are asking, “Is there more to this Christian life than I am experiencing?”

That is the place this author reached before embarking on a course of personal study and seeking the Lord. In this search he discovered what was missing. This book shares his personal testimony of how the Lord showed him the more excellent way.  Much like the disciples Paul found in Ephesians 19.  They had believed and been baptized, but they had not been baptized in the Holy Spirit. This author believes if Paul were walking the earth today, he would be asking, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed and into whom were you baptized?” Much of the church has settled on a substandard Christianity that has at best neglected and at worst denied the power of the Holy Spirit. Recounting this writer’s own experience while giving scriptural validation, this book provides a roadmap into the wonderful and exciting life of walking in the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit.

Miskelly FrntCoverShadow1

The Longest Shadow by Mark A. Wyatt

Farmer. Soldier. Son.

When Howard Miskelly was drafted into the US Army at age 18, he had no idea how far from his north Mississippi farm the adventure would take him. Fighting his way across war-torn Europe, Howard proudly carried out his duty, eventually earning two Bronze Stars for courageous combat against an armed enemy. His letters home kept him in touch with his beloved family, and he longed for the day that he would see them again. After his return home, Howard Miskelly put himself through college and became one of the most successful and respected businessmen in the state of Mississippi. He and Ann, his wife of more than 60 years, raised five strong children whose own successes in business have taken their father’s legacy to new heights. This is the story of a man and his family, a man and his integrity, a man and his God—a man whose life has cast a long and comforting shadow to all those who have had the privilege of walking beside and behind him.

BreatheFrntCvr1aBreathe by Jessica Laurie

A prodigal son afraid to come home… A young woman lost in a mysterious coma… Two families shattered by the past… What hope can restore them? For the past two years, Dillon Sanders has been running from his past, but his past has other ideas. Pulled reluctantly back home by the dying wish of his grandfather, Dillon makes a promise he’s not sure he can keep. Through strange and miraculous circumstances, he’s then drawn into the life of a young woman–a coma patient. Can he look beyond his own fear and grief to bring healing into the life of another?


Gracex2FinalFrontGrace x2: Multiplying the Grace of God in Your Marriage by Alan Wright

Marriage how-to books can prescribe the steps to a good marriage but they can’t empower you to take the steps. Marriages, like people, aren’t changed by human effort; they’re transformed by the Gospel of grace. Through 28 daily devotionals, Pastor Alan Wright leads husbands and wives into soul-nourishing, heart-thrilling Gospel insights that will show you a whole new way of living. This revolutionary way of approaching marriage – focusing on Christ’s all-sufficient provision rather than your own efforts – will transform your relationship and your life!


AbbottFrntCoverSet My Captives Free by Margaret Abbott

“Is this the life I was destined to live?”

Have you ever wondered why, even though you’re doing everything right, things don’t seem to get any better? Maybe you know you haven’t done everything right and think things will never go right for you! Have you ever had an identity crisis like gender confusion? Has there been trauma or tragedy in your life, and you think or maybe even say, “I can never get over this”! Margaret Abbot has experienced some of the above and can tell you without a doubt that your life can change for the better! You can experience the life that you always wished you could — the life that you were destined to live! “You were born for such a time as this”!


How Great A Love by T.D. Hall

“Some stories are never told, and the world loses out. I am delighted T.D. is telling his; those who hear it will be vastly richer. I have had the privilege of being a part of this story, and I can testify that it does what all great stories do: it connects with and reflects the grand mega-story that makes sense of all true stories. You can’t hear (or read) T.D.’s story without being impressed with the Star of heaven and the Savior of the world, and he would have it no other way. I am so glad this story is being written. Inhabitants of the earth need to know what heaven already knows. May all who read be impressed with the One who found a lost country boy and worked through him to accomplish great things for God’s glory.” — Dudley Hall, from the Foreword

RealJesusFrntCvrFINALA Search for the Real Jesus, Books 1, 2, and 3 by Monica Napoli Warren

About the Cover: Each frame contains a Hijacked Jesus. Although often mistaken for Jesus (the real Jesus), Hijacked Jesus is a delusion. A stereotypical image harnessed with a label and agendas forced upon him by various people and organizations, every Hijacked Jesus distorts Jesus’ true character, mission, and ministry. Is Jesus really for some countries but against others? Does He champion a certain political party and its agenda? Could He be the CEO of Christianity having come to start a new religion? Can Jesus’ mission be condensed to a fire rescue, for which His recipients escape the fiery furnace of hell only to trade their freedom in this life for chains of religious rules and rituals that bind them until the eternal party in heaven? Should those who believe and receive Jesus expect a life of ease and prosperity from the ultimate Santa Claus? Perhaps He really is for everyone and everything, and we should all just get along. Or maybe, just maybe, Jesus-the real Jesus-is infinitely more than we ever imagined. Book One covers the conception announcements through Jesus’ second year of ministry. Book Two covers Jesus’ Third Year of Ministry, and Book 3 covers Jesus’ Final Push to Jerusalem through His Ascension and Pentecost.


Jesus Is Lord: The Life and Legacy of Fred H. Wolfe by Mark A. Wyatt

From his boyhood summers in the woods and fields of Rock Hill, South Carolina, to the heights of influence and leadership in the largest Protestant denomination in the world, Dr. Fred H. Wolfe has traveled a remarkable road and lived an extraordinary life. A college athlete on a football scholarship, Fred’s only goal was to be a successful coach. But God had another arena of leadership in mind for him, one in which he would answer a call to preach and pastor, and impact the lives of thousands. From the early days of his journey, it was Fred’s hunger for God and his willingness to follow Him anywhere, no matter the cost, that earned him the loyalty and respect of the many people who would lovingly call him “Brother Fred.”

Fred Wolfe has known and been a friend to many of the greatest spiritual giants of the last century, from Charles Stanley and Leonard Ravenhill, to Roy Hession, Bertha Smith, and his own mentor, Dr. Stephen Olford. But to all those who have walked with him, he has never stopped being the man who is ready to listen, ready to love, and ready just to pray for you and pray with you. And all through the years, whether on his knees in public or private, or whether standing in the pulpit with his Bible wide open, the message of Fred Wolfe’s life has always come back to one resounding echo—that Jesus Christ is Lord!


ReynoldsFrontCoverFINALWhy Aren’t You My Friend? by Eleanor Davenport Reynolds

When Katie, a fourth grader, tries to become friends with some of her classmates, she meets their nasty, hateful rejection.  The beginnings of verbal bullying are at play.  A teacher jumps in only to find out it’s not just the girls who are mean, but many more children, including a group of baseball players.  What happens next opens a door to all kinds of secrets, hurts, and disappointments underlying the bullying of children. Can anything or anyone ever change?

“The characters in this story compel each other and readers to not just stand by and let someone be bullied but to become an advocate for those being rejected, hurt, abused or worse. I will recommend it to my fellow educators as it offers insightful solutions of how love, respect and understanding oneself and others can help change hateful mean attitudes and even lead to friendships.”  —–Thomas R. Bice, Ed.D., Alabama State Superintendent of Education

SouthForeverFrntCvrJust South of Forever compiled by Mark Wyatt and Mary Ann Wyatt

Sit down. Relax. Take a deep breath.

Enjoy a few moments in this quiet place.  Come on in to a place that is Just South of Forever, a place where you will find familiar memories, quiet wisdom, and nuggets of truth that you will want to carry in the pocket of your jeans as you make your way home. Here, there are stories that feel like your own, inspirations that will carry you a little bit further down the road, and poems to put music back into your soul. And weaving gently through it all is the rhythm of the footsteps of a friend, walking beside you, reminding you that you are not alone. You’ll make it just fine. And that contentment is a cold glass of sweet tea.

So go ahead. Inhale the honeysuckle and the wild privet. And in these pages, revisit your days at the lake. Remember your childhood friends. Ponder the meaning of love. Ruminate on a psalm or two.  Hear the story of your life. We have saved you a place right here—just south of forever.

God fo the Gray AreasGod of the Gray Areas by Jennifer Lopes

Life isn’t always black and white…

But even when you’re living in the muddled middle, God wants to shine His light into the events of your life; the mundane, the spectacular—even the dark corners.

God of the Gray Areas is a book full of true stories, a fascinating glimpse into one woman’s life that will reveal how God is at work in your own life. Like a spiritual reality show, it is a grab bag of surprises that will encourage you to come alive to the reality of God’s truth—in living color. Jennifer Lopes shares her triumphs, her embarrassments, and her observations of life events, uncovering the comedy, the tragedy and the divine.

These simple stories will show you how to hear God speak, and how to see through His eyes, whether you’re at Disney World, on the ball field, or just learning to love your neighbor.

SignaCvr3DDivine Conversations: The Art of Meaningful Dialogue With God  by Signa Bodishbaugh

God initiates divine conversations and He designed you to be able to hear His language of the heart.  He invites you to engage with Him in meaningful dialogue.  More than any words you will ever hear, His words bring deep healing to your soul and begin to transform you into the person He created you to be, bringing wholeness to you and to your whole family.

Signa Bodishbaugh weaves her personal journey of transformation into exciting examples and opportunities for you to discover the joy of hearing God.  She helps you discern God’s voice from all the others vying for your attention.  And she invites you to experience expectant, anticipated times of life-changing surprises as you recognize His presence in new ways.

Learning to hear His voice does not have to be an elusive venture, a tedious task or an obligatory sense of Christian duty. Instead, divine dialogue can become what you look forward to most every day.

Reading this book is like having a friend sit across from you and speak honestly from the heart. You will laugh, cry, be challenged, and ultimately, be changed.  This is because Signa expects you to hear God.  And you will!

Currie3DPsalms in Poetry: The Rhythm and Rhyme of Hope  by Keith W. Currie

Keith W. Currie writes in such a way that he re-presents much of the enduring hope of the writers of the psalms. There is the taste and feel of worship and prayer here in these pages. Worship that is simple, personal, and applicable to daily life and problems. Prayers that sing with joy and also question in honest, heart-felt bewilderment.

Every psalm has been rewritten into lyric, meter, and rhyme. It is not lofty, yet it sings in a way that is earthy and accessible. Pick up this book and read it aloud; you’ll be edified. Read it side-by-side with your Bible; you’ll be enlightened. Read it with a friend; you’ll be enlarged.

Most of all, absorb the Hope that fills the book of Psalms. Keith Currie has re-written them in such a way that your heart will be lighter for picking up this book and thumbing its pages. This Biblical hope is so much more substantive than just wishing; it is a secure, certain hope that will shape your life and form your decisions.

HW3DHog Washed by Mark Wyatt

Meet Reggie. His story is your story.  Reggie is a pig with a dream. He watches from the outside as the farm dog lives a life of love and favor in the Farmer’s house, and Reggie longs for that life, too. But how can an ordinary little pig ever hope to be good enough—or clean enough—to be invited into the house?

Everyone wants to feel loved by God. But too often, we think that performance, behavior, and “sin management” is the key to that closeness. And so, instead of acting like sons and daughters, we live like orphans.

The orphan mentality of many Christians causes them to struggle with questions such as:

  • How can I get God to meet my needs?
  • What is the magic formula for prayer that makes God act?
  • Which Scriptures can I quote to ensure that I get the blessings God promises me?
  • What must I do to experience the benefits of being a child of God?

The one who understands the reality of sonship never has to ask such questions. He knows that as a child of God, he is already living in the house, and his place at the table is assured.

Reid3DWho Turned Out the Lights?!  by Candy Reid

Sharing our most personal pain brings not only our own healing, but also encouragement to others.In this, her first collection, Candy Reid loosely chronicles a series of experiences that would have torn a lesser soul apart. However, because of God’s grace and through sheer tenacity, the result was a stronger faith of her own and a life deeply dedicated to obedience.  In gratitude and out of that obedience, “Who Turned Out The Lights?!” describes how extremely difficult, challenging, and even painful events in our lives can be used for our good.  Walking “through the valley of the shadow of death” (Psalm 23:4) can bring life and freedom and wisdom when we turn to God in its midst, rather than run from Him. As a mother, friend, wife, and breast cancer survivor, Candy Reid’s words will strike a chord in almost everyone’s heart. These pages will bring encouragement to those finding themselves in a dark place in life and wondering how they got there or, even more importantly, what possible good could come out of it. In each instance, a relevant Scripture is included that offers a balm to hurting souls, or wisdom to those seeking it.“Who Turned Out the Lights?!” is a loving gift to anyone in need; whether that someone is a dear friend, or yourself.

LJOL3DLiving Jesus Out Loud  by Lonnie Honeycutt is about challenging yourself to live as though Jesus REALLY IS the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords in YOUR life.

    Real world examples are given to inspire you to live your life in a manner no one is able to do in their own strength but is entirely possible with the help of the Holy Spirit.
    The difference between the concepts found in Living Jesus Out Loud and other evangelism books is that you are taught how to capitalize on the strongest asset God has given you to demonstrate His love to others – your life.

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