About Us

Dr. Mark Wyatt, President and Publisher

Mark A. Wyatt holds two degrees in Communication, and a Ph.D. in Biblical Studies. He is the author of four books: The New Normal: Experiencing the Unstoppable Move of God (Destiny Image Publishers); Hog Washed: A Small Fable About a Big Change, (Westbow Press); Jesus Is Lord: The Life and Legacy of Fred H. Wolfe (Wyatt House Publishing); and The Longest Shadow: The Life and Legacy of Howard L. Miskelly (Wyatt House Publishing), as well as Night Flight: The Courage and Calling of a Coast Guard Pilot, which he coauthored with Teresa Taylor. Dr. Wyatt is a published playwright and an award-winning video producer, and has worked in Public Relations, as well as being a successful church planter, pastor, and teacher. His talent for communication and storytelling is an invaluable part of Wyatt House’s ability to fulfill your dreams of becoming an author.


Mary Ann Wyatt
Managing Editor

Mary Ann Wyatt holds a Bachelor’s Degree in English with a focus in Creative Writing and a Minor in Business. She has worked as the Public Relations Director of a major firm in Fort Worth, Texas, as well as an Editor for a popular magazine based in Mobile, Alabama. Mary Ann has an eye for detail and how it all fits together in the big picture. Her expertise and talent will be a welcome factor in your manuscript becoming a book of which you will be immensely proud.


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